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area studies convocation ariel ramirez arrival arrival survival arsht hall art arts science. assistive medical technologies associate in arts associate justice associates in arts astronomy athletes athletics australia autonomous systems bootcamp autonomous underwater vehicle auv aw aw 2016 aw 2017 aw weekend aw2016 aw2017 award award ceremony awardee awards b b e babatunde ogunnaike baby blue bacteria bagles balloons bams band bands barbecue barry bentley bartenders baxter abraham bayard sharp bayard sharp hall bayrad sharp bbq bcc bdpi bee beehive beekeeping beer beer tasting behavioral health nutrition bhan biden biden domestic policy institute biden institute biden is back biden joe biden pep rally bill plante bingjun xu biochemistry biofuels research charging stations bioindicator biological sciences biology biology convocation biomechanics biomedical biomedical engineering biomolecular engineering black american black american studies black hawk down blooming blue hen blue hen 5k 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undergrads celebration ceremony commencement undergraduates honors honors degree seniors students undergrads celebrations cell research center for arts science center for biomedical and brain imaging center for black culture center for global area studies center for political communication center for political communications center for the arts central campus ceo ceoe ceramics ceremonies ceremony cfa cfa green cgas chair champagne brunch championship charity charlie riordan check in cheerleaders cheg chem chemical and biomolecular engineering chemical engineering chemistry chemistry and biochemistry chemistry biochemistry children chinese chocolate chocolate composites chris coons chris matthews christine odonnell chs chs dean kathleen matt chspt cilvil engineering city of newark civil and electrical engineering civil and environmental engineering civil and environmental engineering reception class class change class of 1962 class of 1963 class of 1965 class of 1966 class of 1967 class 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papers conovcation conservation consittution day contemporary issues in public administration conversations and connections convocation convocations cornhole courtyard covocation cpa cpc creamery creating the arts crowd csb cultural programming advisory board introduces the keynote speaker. curriculum d800 d810 dan rich dancing daniel farmer dar darelle lake riabov darelle riabov dark daugherty hall david barlow david helwig david mcbride david plouffe david roselle day in the life story dbi dc dean deans deb deb jaisi debate debbie hess norris decorated cap decorated mortarboard deer park degree degrees dejuania brown delabration delabrews delabrews 101 delaney delaware biotechnology institute delaware debates delaware first media delaware stadium delebration democractic national committee democrat demonstrations demostration dengjun wang dennis assanis department chair department of behavioral health and nutrition chair dr. michael peterson department of biological sciences 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reception honors reception honors student hooding horse hotel house housing and assignment services howard dean hsc hullihen hall human deveolpment ice cream ice skating iec inaugural ceremony inauguration inauguration address indoor pool inductee induction institute for global studies institute of energy conversion interdisciplinary classes interdisciplinary science and engineering interdisciplinary science and engineering building interdisciplinary science building interdisciplinary science engineering building internal relations international relations ipa ipad ise ise building ise lab ise lab atrium iseb isolation it jack markell james james hanby james magee james maley james r soles james sears james sims james soles james wagner janet smith january 6 jean eckrich jenifer puglises presentation jennifer gallo fox jennifer palmieri jennifer saylor jerod buckel jesus nieto jia song jill coldman botwin jim crounse jim richards jmc joe biden joe biden joseph biden joel best joesph 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mens basketball mentor's circle mentors circle messenger michael chajes michael klein michael nutter michael peterson michell parent michelle parent microscope mike castle mike mccurry mikey draine milford milford senior center mindfulness class mini cooper mitchell mitchell hall moderator mohsen badiey mohson baidey mona parikh monica taylor mortarboard moving mug night mugs multipurpose room musculoskeletal developement and rehabilitation lab music my beloved world nancy getchell nancy karibjanian nancy targett nanofab nanoparticles nate mcclain national agenda national agenda 2016 national agenda speaker series national coalition of law enforcement officers for justice national public radio natural resources naval observatory nc15 nc41 nc44 ne01 ne04 ne67 new student orientation newark newark campus newberg group nicholas deblasio nicholas j. petrelli night nih nikol tews nn07 nn18 noaa norman f ness norman ness north campus north central green north green npr npr headquaters nsf nsf career award nso nursing nursing convocation nutrition nw35 nw94 obeserve observatory circle ocean ocean environment off campus old college older adults orthopeaedics in action outdoor outdoors outgoing chair harry trip shenton outgoing chair harry trip shenton and alumni award recipient allen p. davis outside outstanding outstanding alumni award outstanding senior overpass painting papers parents parties party pat drake pat harker patrick geneva patti solis doyle paul huang paul m. mcconnell pbl pciture penny hall people on campus pep rally perkins perkins east lounge perkins student center pete hayward peter hanby ph.d. phd phd student philosophy phosphorous phys physcial therapy physical chemistry physical therapy physics physics and astronomy pia inguito pianists pinning plant plant science plasmodesmata platform play players playoffs pny political political science politician politics polymers pool portrait portraits post doc post graduates postdoctoral students postgraduate 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researcher researchers residence hall residence life residence life and housing restorative yoga retired retirement returning graduations returning to ud reuinon reunion reunions richard bacon richards rideon car rlh road to the presidency robert gibbs robert pagels robes robing room robot robotics rodney rodney room roger wagner rotc rov rso rujin cheng run running russell russell senate building saa salena jacob sam sanders sample sandy baker sawbones scalia scandalous politicians scenery scenic campus school of public policy and administration science science technology and advanced research campus scientific scientist scientists scott douglas scott godell scott goodell scotus scrounge sea urchins senate senator senatorial seniors service service learning sharon rozovsky sharp lab shelley provostcraig sherrie wilcox shore showcase shown julian a. jackson sicence sickness situation room smith hall snow snow removal social social events soil solar cell solar energy solar energy technology office solar power generation soledad o'brien sonia sotomayor sotu south africa south green southern de southern delaware southern delaware convocation speaker special events special recognition. tara manal speech spencer lab spirit spirit ambassador spirit team spl sports sports information sppa spring spring alumni reunion spring campus spring commencement spring reunion springtime staff star state government state of the university state of the university address stc stc06 stem steve schmidt stole stone balloon street stuart bindermacleod stuart pittel student student alumni ambassador student alumni ambassadors student athletes student club student groups student housing student life student life and activites student life and activities students students giving back students of distinction ceremony students on campus students walking studio arts building study abroad sue barton summer summer scholars sumnmer research sunshot supporters supreme court surface enhanced ftir for electrochemical studies surface interface survey susan brynteson sydney lobosco tailgate talk talk presentation talks tanzania tara beckerer manal tara jo manal tara manal task tasmania tasting teaching teaching and learning team technology teddy goff tent the green the perfect pairing thom shumosic thomas epps thomas kipp gutshall associate professor of chemical engineering thomas swain thompson theatre thomspon theatre tim murray timothy shanahan tom carper tom kovach tour tours townsend trabant trabant theatre trabant university center trees tripp shenton tuc tunde ud ud alumni weekend ud beer garden ud connection ud day in dc ud fmri ud medical scholars ud nanofabrication facility ud speaks udaa udaa alexander j. taylor udaa emalea pusey warner udaily udance udarf udaw udel udfarm udnf undergrads undergraduate undergraduates united states army university of delaware university of delaware alumni association university of delaware alumni weekend university secretary 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